my boys

On June 9th, exactly seven months to the day I discovered I was pregnant, exactly 34 weeks gestational age, Theo John entered the world at 5:16pm. Twenty-six minutes later his brother, Nolan Burke, arrived.  

I am a mom.

I have two sons.

I also have a male fur child and a husband, which means I’m incredibly outnumbered now. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I adore my boys. All of them. 

These two new ones though, they are already some of the coolest, sweetest, most precious human beings I’ve ever met. 

For now they’re taking up residency in the NICU until they can figure out how to eat on their own but one day soon enough we’ll all be home together and I can hang with all of my boys in one place. The idea of that day makes my heart feel all sorts of melty in ways I can’t even describe. <3



Apparently it’s been ten weeks since my last full fledged pregnancy update. Not that I’ve really been talking about anything else here, but for memory keeping’s sake, let’s get to an update!

Babies: Babies are said to be 3.3 pounds, or the size of four navel oranges, this week. I have a sneaking suspicion these babies weigh a bit more and I think it’s safe to say it feels like I’ve got eight navel oranges (constantly) moving around in there. Perhaps eight grapefruits is even more accurate. We’ll learn their weight at my ultrasound later this week.  Apparently they are starting to fatten up and fill out at this point too. I have no doubt that they are filling out juuuust fine. Did I tell you about my mom’s friend that was an 8 lb triplet? Eight. Pound. Triplet.

I’m feeling and seeing these babes move around constantly and it’s just so freaking cool. I often wonder what in the heck they are doing in there, and also wonder if they are communicating somehow. When they are quiet, I can’t help but think they’re already plotting against me somehow. Like, making plans for the terrible twos, or even worse, the terrible teens!

How am I feeling? Eh. I have my days. Mostly I feel grateful, lucky, hashtag blessed. But I’d be lying if I failed to mention that I also feel exhausted, uncomfortable, and incapable of ordinarily simple tasks at times. Every little thing that involves movement gets more difficult by the day. Getting out of bed. Putting on socks/shoes. Walking. Washing the dishes (belly really gets in the way). Doing laundry. You get the idea.

Happy or moody most of the time? It’s funny, looking back at my 21 week post, I mentioned feeling emotional. It definitely subsided for awhile but seems to be back again. I’ll be the first to admit I’m irritable and not always my usual chipper self. It’s not because I’m not completely and utterly excited for what is to come in our very near future, it’s just that growing babies is tough work. And sometimes it gets the best of me. Over the weekend I did some baking and got so excited about the idea of being in the kitchen with my littles someday, teaching them how to measure flour and keeping them happy with 1/4 of brown sugar like my mom always did for me when she baked.

Total weight gain: More than thirty pounds. I’m not sure exactly how much more and I’m not concerned. At my most recent prenatal visit my doctor told me I was “doing a great job”. At the appointment before that he said I should “watch the weight a bit”. At that same appointment he forgot there were two babies until I reminded him that he neglected to get a heartbeat for Baby B. As you can imagine, I was not happy. This past appointment was much better and he commented that my weight is well within the healthy range, based on my pre-pregnancy BMI and the fact that I’m carrying twins.

Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively so. With the exception of non-maternity maxi dresses purchased a size or two too big. I also accidentally discovered that fold-over yoga pants worn backwards and unfolded make for pretty great maternity comfies!

Sleep: Let’s not talk about it. It’s worth mentioning though, that it doesn’t seem to be my active babies that are keeping me up. I wake up due to acid reflux, mostly. But also because I have to pee. And also for reasons unbeknownst to me. I’m just. Awake. More often than not. But for the most part the babies are quiet during normal “sleep hours”. They move around a bit, but not enough to keep me up.

Miss anything? My ankle bones. Unlimited caffeine. Moving around quickly. BEER. 

Cravings: Ice cold drinks/anything slushy. Carbonation. Cereal -both with milk and by the handful right out of the box. Strawberries. Golden Oreos, always. I’ve also been on a little peanut butter kick as of late.

Stretch marks? Still none. Still knocking on wood.

Belly button? As I type, it’s neutral. Neither in, nor out. That said, I think it’s about to see what life is like as an outie aaaaany day now.

Wedding ring? I stopped wearing that long ago. Swapped it for a fake a few months ago. I wear it sometimes.

New items for babies? Tons of them. My baby shower was a few weeks ago, followed by a surprise shower my coworkers threw me. We’re nearly set on baby necessities, now it’s just a matter of getting everything organized.

Symptoms/sickness: Still acid reflux. Still minimal sleep. Swollen feet and ankles. The swelling is not only unattractive and inconvenient, it’s actually painful at times. In a tingly sense of the word. I’ve encountered a bit of Braxton Hicks contractions but they’ve been very sporadic. I have a major case of heavy belly and sometimes when I walk it feels as if they’re going to just fall out with every step.

Food aversions: None, really. I have been trying to avoid reflux “trigger” foods but that’s out of desperation, not because I don’t want them.

Random: My sweet, sweet parents drove 50+ miles to bring me a recliner last week. My mom battled heartburn and acid reflux for the last two months of her pregnancy with me so she slept in a recliner, which worked for her. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working for me. It is another place to sit and elevate my feet after work though, and last night when I got out of it, I’m pretty sure I broke the chair. So that’s cool. #feelingthin ;)

Sunday marked my last day at my second job and even though the last few shifts were tough, I kind of miss it already. Oh, I didn’t tell you I’ve been a weekend warrior for the past few months? Yeah, apparently the financial fear that goes along with expecting twins makes you do crazy things like work 14 days straight until you’re 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Really, the money was completely worth it and it provided me with a social life that involved making money instead of spending it. A win win!

Weeks 27-30

In just a few days we’ll be at the start of week 31. I’d have to say that these past few weeks have had me really feeling more pregnant than ever before. This is my best synopsis of how things have been progressing and changing as of late.

Around week 27 things started getting a little more uncomfortable. Swelling of my feet and ankles has become more consistent, but not constant. It does seem to be worse when the weather is warmer. You know, so I can show off my sausage toes in sandals. Acid reflux continues to be a problem, more frequently and fiercely so. Every day tasks continue to get more difficult and it just seems like this rapidly growing belly of mine is really starting to get in the way. Of course I know most of these things will only intensify over time so I’ve been doing my best to take it all in stride and deal with things as they come, rather than dwelling on them. I mean, it’s pretty disappointing to have to wear boring flip-flops rather than cute buckled sandals, but the reality is that buckling those tiny ankle straps requires more stability and lung capacity than I have at this time so ankle-strapped buckle sandals are reserved for when I have someone here to help me get dressed.

The babies continue to grow equally and healthily so complaints about how I’ve been feeling during this time are honestly irrelevant. I know I could have it so much worse and would gladly take more pain/suffering/discomfort if that means the babies will be strong and healthy. That said, a night with more than a few hours of sleep probably wouldn’t be the worst thing for me or the babies. I had two or three nights of amazingly sound sleep in the midst of this three week period but other than that, you can pretty much count on my being awake from 2am-5am EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

What a difference two weeks makes, huh?
26 weeks on the left, 28 on the right.


I’ve also noticed myself really slowing down during this time. I remember waking up one day after only one snooze of my alarm, getting ready for work without much distraction, yet being late to work. Normally this morning pattern would get me there 5-10 minutes early. I can attribute this only to the fact that I am simply not as fast or efficient these days. Bottom line, it takes me longer to get from point A to point B, whether I want to admit it or not. I’m finally allowing myself to slow down too, which was tough at first.

The babies REALLY started moving during the time frame. They’ve been active now for quite some time but it seems like they’ve just been constantly on the go for the past couple of weeks.

I attempted to paint my toenails to celebrate the warmer weather and my upcoming baby shower during week 28. I quickly realized this was a task I could no longer complete myself so I swapped my lunch break with a pedicure one Friday afternoon and it was by far more enjoyable than just about any lunch I’ve experienced. I hope to do this a couple more times before the babies arrive.

Overall I’ve been pretty surprised that my emotions haven’t been too overboard during much of this pregnancy. I’m a very emotional person normally so I figured those emotions would just be over the top and I’d be a wreck for nine months. Much to my surprise, that hasn’t been the case. However, I’ve been having a good cry or two over the past few weeks and in general I’ve been feeling pretty sappy. I’ll even admit that at times I feel a little sad. I know I have no reason for feeling this way but I think exhaustion is taking it’s toll and I get a little weepy from time to time. I’m just letting the tears flow rather than trying to keep them in. No need to bottle up that emotion, right?!


*Note* At the time of posting, I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant. But I had a bunch of weekly updates drafted and figured I’d do my best to summarize. Perhaps someone will find these posts useful someday. If nothing else, I might enjoy looking back and remembering smaller details of this crazy experience of growing babies.

I hit a sweet spot during this pregnancy. A spot in which, despite not sleeping much, I had energy. A spot in which my bump felt nice and healthy, but not in the way or heavy. A spot in which acid reflux was still a nasty bi-atch from time to time but I didn’t have to take maximum doses of Zantac every day just to keep from tasting fire in the back of my throat.

This sweet spot occurred somewhere between weeks 22 and 26 and I have to imagine I was “aglow” for a good portion of it. Plans for the nursery started really coming together. We finalized our baby registries for my upcoming shower. We had more in depth discussions about names. And in general things just started getting more and more real. And for the most part, I felt just like myself, just a little heavier.

26 weeks

If every week of pregnancy were as smooth sailing as these weeks were, I’d want to be pregnant forever. Joke. Honestly, the reality that these two babies might be our only babies, and that I might never experience pregnancy again, is becoming very real. I’m not sure I want that to be a reality. Even with the ups and downs, I’m truly enjoying being pregnant. Especially little sweet spots like these!

What’s It Gonna Be?


You know I can’t resist. April 30th is one of my favorite days of the year, just because of this. I love that it’s become sort of an international phenomenon. Apparently you guys dig this “holiday” as well because these posts continue to be some of the most popular here on the blog.

Buzzfeed even created a quiz (from which I borrowed my post title) about it this year. When you have a Buzzfeed quiz, you know you’ve made it big.

E! jumped on the bandwagon too.

And at the bottom of this article, Bree is obviously a hater. I get that the joke gets old for some people. But not me.

On a related note. You know your office mate really gets you when she makes this statement: “I mean, I don’t think she loves him as much as you do“, in response to this question: “Do you think Jessica Biel knows every word to every *NYSNC and JT song like I do?

Friday Fluff

Let’s take the alliteration one step further and go with five fluffy items on this fantastic Friday.

1. I think, maybe, I have my acid reflux under control for real. Then again, I’ve said that before… I really tried to go the natural route and force chugging apple cider vinegar to work. And it did. For one night. And then I tried again for four consecutive nights, and it never worked again. So after about a week of pretty much no sleep at all, I tried Zantac. And it’s working. For now.

2.  Two baby cribs. That’s a thing. A real thing in our real house. Baby registries are a WONDERFUL thing and I’m so looking forward to the shower my mom & girlfriends are planning, however, waiting to decorate the room to see what items are gifted is pure torture.


–2.5 Last week I set up a blanket (actually a robe) on the floor of the nursery while I attempted to put together an exersaucer we got as an early gift. As previously mentioned, things are difficult to pick up these days so I left the robe on the floor & look who I found soaking up the sun in his future siblings’ room a day or two later?


3. A stranger knocked on our door last night. Normally I wouldn’t answer but the door was open with the screen door locked & he spotted me so I was kind of stuck. Turns out he was selling Dairy Queen coupons “for charity” and obviously I went for it. Eight FREE small Blizzards? Come on, even if we don’t use the other thirty-six coupons, we got our $20 worth in Blizzards alone. I practiced some major willpower by waiting until tonight to make a Blizzard run. You know, just to make sure they were legit.

4. DID YOU WATCH SCANDAL?!?! **spoiler alert** HOW could they kill off Jake Ballard??? I think I would’ve cried if I’d known it was real. I thought for sure they would find a way for him to not be dead but Scott Foley confirmed it today. :( 

5. These letters are heartbreaking. To think that some children don’t even have pencils at home makes me want to cry. It’s so easy to take for granted the simple things in life!

Happy Weekending!!

not sweater weather

Even though it’s currently 73 degrees with gorgeous sunshine, I can’t get  that song out of my head. There’s nothing too cold about today. There are no goosebumps. At least not in the  “I got this chicken skin because I’m freezing sense”, yet as I sit outside sans sweater, that song repeats in my head. 


Fielder jumps off of my lap from time to time but stays true to his momma’s boy heart the majority of our spell outdoors. A whole yard to run in, tons of people and dogs walking by, but he’d rather stay close to mom. I love this boy.


In the brief moments he’s off sniffing the grass or deciding if he wants to bark at the passersby (he only puts thought into this when wearing his bark collar, of course), the babies are able to soak up some sun too. And I know they’re my babies because I feel (and see) them doing a happy dance. Okay, I witness their happy dances all the time these days but today I’m quite certain this sunshine and warmth is causing both of them, and my heart, to do a happy little jig.


Can you see hair on my legs? If so, just pretend you can’t, okay? 

The moral of the story here? Warm sunshine makes me happy. And getting a song stuck in your head is the worst. Even if it’s one you like.