details on the babes

Apologies in advance for all. of. the. words.

Telling people you’re expecting is pretty freaking cool. I have nothing to compare it to, but telling people we’re expecting TWINS is probably going to go down in history as the coolest news I’ll ever get to share with anyone. For that reason, we haven’t even made any sort of “official” Facebook or Instagram announcement. It’s way more fun telling people in person. So why am I talking about it here, you ask? Well, the majority of people I know “in real life” that read my blog, also already know we’re expecting. And the rest of the people that read my blog, aren’t people I’ll see or run into, maybe ever, so I see the blog as a place I can share my experiences and perhaps even offer some advice to someone else who finds themselves in a similar situation. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve turned to Amber or Chelsey’s blogs when I want to read about a particular week/symptom/experience with twin pregnancies so by documenting my experience here, it provides just one more resource for a future M. O. M. (mom of multiples). :)

Of course with telling people comes along questions. Lots of questions. Some questions I don’t even know the answers to myself! There some questions people actually ask, and others that you can tell they want to ask, but don’t. So here you go, unfiltered answers to any questions you may have about how we found ourselves expecting two.

Do you have any twins in the family? The short answer here is yes. Justin’s first cousin has a set of fraternal twins. However, the twin gene comes from the mother’s side so those twins don’t count. I haven’t a single set of twins in my family. We did discover that my dad’s great great grandmother was a twin but that’s so far removed that it doesn’t seem likely that that really “counts” either.

and when you tell people you have no family history of twins, they automatically assume…

You must have had some sort of fertility treatment, right? Actually, no. We were lucky enough to conceive these two naturally and incredibly unexpectedly. No Clomid, no IVF, not even more than a few over-the-counter prenatal vitamins here and there. Just the good old fashioned way, I guess. But if your journey to multiples was different than ours, please stick around. No matter how you conceived multiples, it’s likely we’ll have a thing or two in common over the coming months and years.

Are they identical? It’s very likely that we have ourselves a pair of fraternal twins. They are in separate sacs, which means there is a very narrow window of opportunity where they could have started as one egg and split, but it’s highly unlikely.

Do you know the sex? While it’s still a bit early to find this out if we wanted, we’ve opted to stay in the dark about the sex of our babies. There are so few great surprises in life, and the way I see it is that other than paint colors and buying gender specific clothing, there is nothing you can do to prepare differently for boys vs. girls. Babies are babies. They have the same needs and wants. And we’ll be keeping them both, whether they are boys or girls or one of each, so honestly, it makes no difference.

When and how did you find out it was twins? I get this question a lot, but mostly from my fellow pregnant friends. As if they’re concerned that they could also be expecting twins and just not know it yet. We saw two strong heartbeats at 7 weeks on a Vscan. The scan was one week earlier than planned, as I had some questionable spotting on my birthday and they were able to get me in the very next day. I was feeling like absolute crap on my birthday, even missed the first half of the work day because I was so sick, then had spotting later in the night. Needless to say, it wasn’t my best birthday. The next day totally made up for it though!

Were you trying for long? This is such a funny question to ask a pregnant woman. Anyone that has been trying will tell you that even a month seems like a long time to try. Like, you spend your whole “adult” life trying to avoid getting pregnant and then when it doesn’t happen the very moment you start trying, you immediately think something is wrong with you/you’re never going to get pregnant/why is this so easy for people who aren’t trying?!? We started trying about a year ago. We got pregnant within a few months and I miscarried within two weeks of finding out we were expecting. I was about 6 weeks pregnant at the time, and while sad, I knew this was fairly common with first-time pregnancies and tried not to let it get the best of me. Shortly after, I started a new job and we decided to hold off for a couple of months in order to get me acclimated with my new job, wait for insurance to kick in, etc. I was completely honest with my new boss, even before she hired me, and told her that we planned to start a family as soon as possible and that I would no longer allow work to get in the way of my family goals. She hired me nonetheless so I didn’t see my new job as a reason to not try but I have to say that’s almost exactly what we were (unintentionally) doing when we got pregnant. I mean, we certainly weren’t doing anything to prevent pregnancy, but I had stopped paying attention to my ovulation and that sort of thing. I think it’s true what they say, the less pressure you put on yourself, the more relaxed you are, the more likely it is to happen.

How will you balance a full-time job and being a mother to twins? Honestly, I have no freaking clue. I am in for the experience of a lifetime, that’s for sure. As previously mentioned, my boss is pretty great when it come to this sort of thing. She is a mother of four and is willing to allow me a part-time schedule for a while if necessary. We’re incredibly lucky that my mom has offered to watch the babies twice a week, and I plan to go back to work at full-time, but only four days a week, which means we only need alternate day care two times a week. The last place I looked into charged $895 per month, per child. For TWO DAYS A WEEK. Friends, that’s $111.87 per day. Per child. Needless to say, we’re now seriously considering having someone care for the babies in our home.

How are you feeling? I feel okay, for the most part. Even pretty great some days. Again, I have nothing to compare it to but everyone tells me pregnancy sickness and symptoms are so much more severe with multiples. If that’s the case I’ll consider myself lucky because I’ve definitely had some pretty terrible days but nothing so bad that I can’t handle it. I plan to get a little further into the details of sickness and symptoms in upcoming posts.

How far along are you and when is your due date? I’m just shy of 18 weeks and while my official due date is July 21st, twins have a tendency to make their appearance much sooner than the 40 week mark so our doctor has told us to be ready as early as mid-June.

Are you concerned about being high risk and/or complications? Of course I am. Now that I’m one step closer to becoming a mom, it’s officially my job to worry about anything and everything. At this point my pregnancy is not considered high risk, it is considered “at risk”, which is the classification for every multiples pregnancy at the start. Of course my chances of becoming high risk are very, well, high. But based on my health prior to getting pregnant, my family history, and other various factors, my doctor says that he sees no reason for this to be anything other than a perfectly healthy pregnancy and as “normal” as a twin pregnancy can be. The type of twins I’m carrying – di di (dichorionic diamniotic) – tend to cause the fewest pregnancy complications out of any other twin “classification”. At my appointment last week, my doctor explained that my 16 week uterus was measuring along the lines of a singleton pregnancy at 20 weeks. This is perfectly healthy and normal with twins, but brings me to the other concern with twins. Women carrying multiples just get SO large. I’m concerned about not being able to do simple things like tie my shoes or bend down to hook Fielder up to his leash to go outside. Bed rest is something I don’t even want to think about and lucky for me, our doctor isn’t exactly pro bed rest, he uses it as a “prescription” as minimally as possible. I might, however, request a doctors note that says someone has to carry me up the three flights of stairs to my office in a couple of months. No elevator. Not cool.

Oh goodness. If you’re still reading, kudos to you. This is a loooong post. More to come another day!

Avocados. But not really.

Avocados are like the perfect food. Am I right? Smoothies. Salads. Mac and cheese. Grilled cheese. Sushi. I can’t think of many things that aren’t better with avocado than they are without.


Mash some avocado on toast and you’ll wonder why you ever thought butter, cinnamon, and sugar was the best topping for toast. Sit down to a meal snack of chips and guacamole and literally forget all of your cares. Or maybe that’s only when tequila is involved too? Regardless, I hope we can agree that avocados are a true gift from whatever heaven it is you believe in.


Today, however, I’m pretty excited about a couple of things that aren’t actually avocados but I’m told they’re about the size of avocados at this point so obviously I fell even deeper in love with them this week. It’s impossible for me not to love anything avocado related. It’s also impossible for me not to love anything baby related. And as it turns out, I’ve got some double love going on here because not only do I have one avocado-sized something to love, I’ve got TWO avocado-sized somethings to love. Of course I won’t actually be able to smother them with loving kisses until June or July but that doesn’t mean that my love for them doesn’t grow by the day, just as they grow and develop every day.

If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down here, the avocados I speak of are, in fact, TWINS. Of the baby variety. I’m rounding out week 16 of the absolute most surreal few months of my life and I can only imagine how surreal/exciting/amazing each month of my life shall be from this point on.

the babes

These pictures are from our nine week ultrasound so the babes are obviously much bigger and more baby like these days. Unfortunately the thirteen week didn’t provide any decent photos so I’ll have to wait until the end of the month for photos from our twenty week “photo shoot.”

As you might expect, I’ll be back to talk about this topic at more length. In fact, I think I may have just found the “blog voice” I seem to be always searching for.

randomness on a sunday

If I’m being honest, my life is pretty boring these days. When I am up to something exciting, whipping out my phone to take photos just isn’t a priority. I’m perfectly happy with both of these facts, but I can’t say it makes for much potential blog material. Regardless, I let to get on here and write something, anything, every once in a while. And that’s when you get a post full of randomness from me.

1. We are snowed in at my parents house right now. I attended a friend’s baby shower here yesterday and the temptation of a real fire in the fireplace (we just have an electric fireplace at home) and homemade chicken & dumplings was just too much to resist so we opted to stay for awhile. Then the snow started. And has yet to stop. Plus it’s blowing and drifting like crazy. Many of the businesses here in town have opted to close for the day, for the safety of their employees and would-be patrons. This absolutely warms my heart as it is something that almost never happens in “the city”. Needless to say, it’s looking like we’ll be here for a bit.

2. About eleven years ago when I watched Felicity – in syndication, the entire series three times in a row – I was totally Team Bad Boy Ben. However, if Scott Foley had been the least bit like Jake Ballard, I may just have joined Team Noel. All this to say, I’m really glad Scandal is back from winter hiatus and even more happy that it came back the same night as the last episode of Parenthood. Ever. *sob* Also, I watched the movie Barefoot on Netflix last weekend and found that much like the other Scott, Speedman has aged quite nicely too. If these two were on the same show again, I would have a really hard time choosing a Scott. Especially since they both play the bad boy so well now.

the scotts

3. Whenever I buy Tums, I always get the mixed fruit kind. And whenever I eat Tums, I must always eat one of each flavor. One red, one orange, one yellow, one green. Or, from worst flavor to best flavor.

which leads me to my next random fact…

4. When it comes to eating fruity candies, I’m that weirdo that always prefers the citrusy flavors over the berry flavors. When all was right in the world and the green Skittle was still lime, my friend Christy used to pluck each green Skittle from the bag, reserve them in a Ziploc, then hand me a bag filled with lime Skittles every couple of months. If that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is. I could not agree less with the meme below. P.S. I will never forgive you, Skittles. NEVER.

.double yellow

5. Let’s continue to talk about eating. This is a subject in which I am well versed. I’ve never eaten a Big Mac. My hometown is so small we didn’t, and still don’t, have a McDonald’s. But we did have Culver’s and I’m quite fond of the ButterBurger. If you haven’t tried a ButterBurger, you haven’t lived.


6. It’s Super Bowl Sunday. And since the Packers decided to just quit playing at the end of the third quarter of the playoff game, they aren’t in it this year, which means the entire state is pretty much bitter about the big game today. But I suppose I’ll watch at least some of it for the commercials. And maybe a little bit for the Katy Perry. However, when did she become a mean girl? I keep hearing rumblings of her bullying T. Swift? I mean, Taylor lends herself to being picked on at times, but the girl is so darn sweet she absolutely does not deserve to be picked on.

7. When I saw this picture my heart exploded. And then it melted. In fact, as I type this post and look at this photo again, my heart is in a big, melty, puddle on the floor beneath me. Like everything else he does, I just know JT is going to kill fatherhood. Smash it up, do it better than anyone else, and make every other dad feel inferior. Okay, maybe not, there are a lot of great dads out there. But honestly, these two seem like they are going to be the best parents. That’s one lucky baby in there!


What’s up with you guys? Are you watching the game today? For the actual game or for the commercials and entertainment?

husbands and football

I obliged my dear husband today by going out to watch the game so he could be surrounded by other people who care about the outcome, as opposed to me and Fielder, who look at him like he’s crazy when he refuses to sit down to watch.


Of course I’m not one to say no to delicious brunch and some of my favorite people so off to The Great Dane we went! Only the Pack didn’t quite seem to be giving it their all while we were out so at the end of the third quarter we made the mad dash home. You see, Packer fans are some of the most loyal, and most superstitious, fans around. And since we (really just he) watched the majority of Packer games from the comfort of our own home this season, it would only make sense that they found their rhythm as soon as we headed home.

(Yes, that is an original NES on my otherwise bare fireplace mantle.)

Dear husband spent that last quarter biting his nails, cheering, and not sitting down, while I sat on the couch saying things like, ““Aw, he’s a rookie? He did such a good job!” and “I want one of those big puffy coats they wear on the sidelines.”
And he looks at me like I’m not paying attention, tries to explain a play to me and I respond with, “Ooooh, look at that guy’s butt!”

And he gets really excited about all sorts of good things that are happening, again tries to explain them to me, and I assume he’s speaking Japanese because I just don’t. get. it. And he jumps up and down a lot.

And Fielder shares my sentiments of is that really necessary?

But it’s all pretty cute. I’m glad my husband gets so excited about football. I love Sundays because they’re relaxing and easy and just, nice. He likes Sundays because of football. And because they’re relaxing. You know, once the Packer game is over and he can watch the rest of the games while sitting. For the most part.

Also, I cry at the end of every game when I see the quarterbacks shaking hands, the coaches giving each other props, and the winning teammates slapping each other on the butt. So I guess my husband also likes Sundays because he gets to make fun of me for crying about something I don’t even care about all that much.

I just gots all the feels.

the ghosts of NYE past

you know what’s really cool about social media? it allows you to live vicariously through your own past NYE experiences when you choose to spend NYE cuddled up on the couch instead of out at the bars.
I’ve had to work at 8am the past few New Year’s Days so we’ve kept it pretty tame. while this year is a little different in that I don’t have to work tomorrow, we’re still keeping it quiet.
I think I’ve finally (maybe?!) come to realize that the hangover isn’t worth it. I’ve always much preferred going out any other night of the year anyway.
that said, the past ten NYEs have been pretty fun.
this little collection of photos brought back some pretty great memories.











I suppose the only one that needs any explanation is that last one. we were at a NYE pajama party & one of our friends wore pjs with some backside ventilation. ;)

cheers to the last few hours of 2014!

the first one after five

the first day of work after five days off was rough. my brain wasn’t working properly. i thought i was hungry when i wasn’t. so i ate plenty of mini candy canes to make sure i was properly nourished. just in case.


i felt like i kind of forgot how to work. then again, it was so slow that i didn’t really need to remember. my attention span was that of a three year-old in a toy store. i longed for pajamas & candy crush soda saga (yep) & snuggles with this guy.


a few times I caught myself staring at my keyboard or computer screen, trying to remember what in the heck i was doing.


and at times i felt so tired that a laptop pillow seemed like a pretty darned great idea.


it’s funny how quickly your body adjusts to sleeping in, lounging around, & general relaxation. and not funny at all how difficult it is to transition back into a routine.

hope your first day back after the holiday break wasn’t too rough. or better yet, i hope you didn’t even have to go back to work today. gosh, that would be splendid. i would take another five days of no alarm clock in heartbeat!

no matter what’s your holiday, it’s a time to celebrate

I borrowed that line from a favorite holiday song of mine. can you guess it?
perhaps I’ll clue you in later.

it’s Christmas Eve and I just found myself a few minutes of downtime and thought I’d check in on the old blog.

it’s not looking to be a white Christmas around here, instead we’ve had about a dozen days without the sun. and precipitation in the form of yucky rain for most of those days. this weather makes it tough to get into any sort of spirit, let alone Christmas spirit. but alas, the holidays are upon us, whether our spirits are ready or not.

despite the depressing scene outside, Fielder and I are making things as cozy and cheerful as possible indoors. a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride, a lit fireplace, and a fresh holiday (diy) manicure are making my morning bright.


and there’s something about having the Christmas tree all lit up early in the morning that just feels… nice.


I’m loving the fact that today is the first of five days off for me. this is the first time in many years that we haven’t had to arrange holiday plans around my work schedule and that feels pretty great. I’m also feeling pretty lucky that I don’t have too much to do to prepare for the holidays. a few easy dishes to pass and a small handful of presents, but other than that, we pretty much just have to show up! I realize this is rare, and when we have kids, the holidays will become all the more chaotic, but for now I’m embracing the calmness. it feels like this is the way the holidays are supposed to be.

whatever holiday it is that you celebrate, I hope it’s spent with the ones you love most.

and if you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, here’s something that might help. you might even recognize a lyric. ;)